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The financial industry has evolved significantly in recent years. For retail banks, private banks as well as for specialized financial services, these developments are marked by profound transformations, the consequences of an increasingly demanding regulatory framework, structuring climatic stress-tests, increased competition , global health and economic crises, heralding new expectations on the part of consumers and employees.

In this context of uncertainty, financial services must be prepared to meet the following challenges:

  • Make profound changes in the development of the business models and distribution models of tomorrow
  • Integrate the customer at the heart of new business strategies and practices – “phygitalisation”, “selfcare” while meeting the new expectations of customers and employees
  • Inevitable regulatory alignment


Our presence in the retail banking sector for several years has allowed Finegan Advisory to develop expertise that helps our clients face the major transformations of the sector in order to improve their competitive advantages and profitability.

The arrival of neo-banks, crypto-currencies, regulatory pressure, new customer and employee expectations, and digitalization are all challenges for which the Finengan Group assists its clients in identifying innovative strategies and securing their business model.

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of French consumers agree to share their data with their bank if they are sure of obtaining added value in return

New disruptive players, mainly from Fintechs, are positioning themselves on the most profitable elements of the value chain, in particular payments (around 25% of retail banking activity NBI) certain forms of credit (around 20% of income) and savings (about 50% of GNP).

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Net income for the sector down by €8.3 billion in 2020 (Source: ACPR Banque France 2020)