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Context / issues

The health crisis has accelerated the digitization of many sectors and in particular, the luxury sector, in order to maintain the link with its customers.

The advent of digital and new customer requirements have led luxury institutions to review their processes, the customer experience and find new areas of differentiation.

Thus, to meet the new expectations of customers at the crossroads between the quest for meaning and unique experiences, luxury institutions are positioning themselves in favor of:

  • Strategic and operational integration of CSR issues
  • The technological approach at the service of a unique customer experience
  • Improving supply chains in the face of the rise of the second-hand sector
  • The preservation of know-how, with regard to the development of counterfeiting


Our presence in the luxury sector for several years has allowed Finegan Advisory to develop expertise that helps our clients face the major transformations of the sector in order to improve their competitive advantages and profitability.

Fundamentally impacted by the health crisis, the luxury industry has become aware of the importance of integrating both CSR issues and the traceability of its value chain. Our dedicated Finegan team works alongside you on a daily basis to achieve this transformation.

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Some numbers

The luxury sector is driving global growth with an annual growth rate of 12%

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of 18-34 year olds in 2020 believe that a luxury brand must have ethical and ecological commitments

Consumers are willing to pay between 20 and 50% more than the initial price of the product for them to be personalized

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Estimated at 26 billion euros, the second-hand market could generate up to 20% of the revenues of a luxury company by 2030

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of customers agree to share their personal data in exchange for an individualized experience