Regulatory intensification, increased competition and new players, changing customer expectations, appearance of new risks… There are many trends that are shaking up the insurance and social protection market.

De facto, the actors that make up this sector must meet many challenges in the short, medium and long term:

  • Implement new growth drivers (products, services, channels),
  • Build customer loyalty by offering a differentiating customer experience,
  • Succeed in their merger and partnership projects,
  • Guarantee their regulatory compliance,
  • Respond to their solvency issues,
  • Improve their economic profitability,
  • Seize technological opportunities and optimize the use of their data capital.

Finegan’s service offering covers these different issues, including:


In concrete terms, we support all types of market players (bank insurers, insurance companies, mutuals, social protection groups, brokers, delegates, assistance providers, professional federations), whether in health, provident insurance, retirement savings or salary, life insurance, P&C…
Our consultants have a perfect command of the different product families, as well as the entire insurance value chain.

More specifically, our support covers the following topics:

  • Partnerships / Reconciliations
    • Strategic and operational framework for the mergers of structures / entities
    • Partnership strategy
    • Implementation of agreements
  • Growth
    • Launch of new products/services
    • Distribution strategy and schemes
    • Business Process Performance
  • Excellence in customer relations
    • Redesign and optimization of customer journeys
    • Organization and tools for customer relationship management
    • Loyalty and management of customer satisfaction
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  • Optimization of the management of contracts and services
    • Process improvement and management
    • Front-to-back chain optimization
    • Outsourcing / Internalization
  • Digital transformation
    • Dematerialization / non-materialization
    • Design and delivery of data-centric use cases
    • innovations
  • Risk Management / Compliance
    • Audit and internal control
    • Framing and management of regulatory projects
    • Fight against fraud
  • Transformation of the Finance / Accounting function
    • Financial and accounting master plans
    • Organization of accounting functions
    • Optimize the production of reports
  • Transformation of business IS
    • IS master plans
    • Choice of software packages
    • Framework and management of the implementation
  • Complex programs / projects
    • Audit of projects / programs
    • Project / program management
    • Project portfolio management

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