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Your challenges

The COVID 19 health crisis and the massive distribution of State Guaranteed Loans (SGL) to the tune of 140 billion euros, the war in Ukraine, inflation and rising interest rates, but also the continuation of ongoing projects and new regulations to be implemented are all challenges that banking institutions must face.

All of these challenges are like stress tests for all the actors involved in the credit granting process (LOD1, LOD2, LOD3) since they must :

  • Finalize or initiate the implementation of regulatory projects: NDOD, permanent mechanism to take into account “connected clients”, Loan Origination Guidelines, NPL (Non Performing Loans)…
  • Set up a specific monitoring system for EMPs to anticipate their consequences: identify potential defaults and credit downgrades by improving the capture of weak signals, the use of internal/external data such as sector restructurings, and strengthen client monitoring of opportunities/risks.
  • Redefine stress-test scenarios: back testing and forward looking.
    o Recalibrate risk models and parameters (PD, LGD, ECL)
    o Review the collection processes not adapted to the volumes linked to the health crisis

Our offers

We accompany our customers to :

  • Manage their projects: Frame, support, organize and secure the projects
    o Setting up the project governance
    o Establishing a project trajectory in line with business constraints and priorities
    o Monitoring project milestones and KPIs
    o Change management


  • Analyze regulations: Understand regulations and analyze the impact on processes
    o Normative instruction
    o Impact analysis of regulations
    o Production of recommendations
    o Production of norms and standards
    o Development of policies and procedures
    o Main regulations or requirements: Basel 3 and 4, TRIM, NPL, NDoD, MRM, Loan Origination Guidelines, Loan Tape, P2R, LCR / NSFR, climate risk, Anacredit
  • Review organizations and optimize processes
    o Identification of the RACI and target processes
    o Documentation of operational processes
    o Implementation of risk measurement and management systems


  • Evolve IS architectures and improve data management
    o Definition of a target architecture
    o Data Lineage & Profiling
    o Governance and Data Dictionary
    o Drafting of expressions of need
    o Assistance in the choice and implementation of solutions (GRC, specific Core-Banking modules…)

Our support

Our teams support our clients throughout the entire value chain of a project, from the analysis of regulations and their impacts to the management of the changes they entail, including the framing and management of their implementation.

In addition to mastering regulations, our teams’ expertise in regulatory transformation and project management includes both organizational and IT aspects.

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