Data, a lever for optimising commercial excellence in B2B

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Can data be a lever for commercial excellence in B2B?
Discover the analysis of our experts Edjems Nomel Amari and Edouard de Rodellec!
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Phising & Ransomware: Understanding to better defend yourself

Phishing is the preferred attack sector for malicious actors, and is often the gateway to your network for introducing ransomware! How does it work?

Buy Now Pay Later Infographic

What is Buy Now Pay Later ? What does it involve ? In this infographic you will find out what the legal issues of the BNPL are, the reasons for its success, and many more !

Context and projection of cyber issues

What are the challenges for Cyber Security in the future? Discover the analysis of our experts Nicolas RAMLOT, Pauline MENDIELA and Romain Baillif !