Corporate and Investment Banking (BFI)



Due to its close relationship with the financial markets, the corporate and investment bank (BFI) has been able to adapt its activities in the face of new global requirements. Confronted with recent crises, regulators and legislators are increasing regulatory constraints. In addition, like the entire banking sector, CIBs see their activities challenged by the advent of technology in favor of a new organizational model.

This is how the CIB, a specific structure in terms of its nature, is today not only tested by its structure, but also by current and future challenges:

  • Multiplication and modification of regulations associated with new data security standards
  • Digitization and process optimization
  • Improved customer and employee experience
  • Definition of an agile and innovative organization
  • Reinforcement of environmental and social requirements


Our presence in the corporate and investment banking (CIB) for several years has allowed Finegan Advisory to develop expertise that helps our clients face the major transformations of the sector in order to improve their competitive advantages and profitability.

The heavy investments required to support regulatory changes have significantly weighed on CIB margins in recent years. They have had to reinvent themselves thanks to technological innovations that allow them to refocus on their clients and optimize their value chains. The Finegan Group works with its clients in their business, technical and operational dimensions.

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Strong growth in CIBs with new challenges linked to the post-covid period

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Growth in corporate financing in France remains among the most dynamic in the euro zone (+3.5% in March 2022)


billion euros in business loans at the end of March 2022

+4.2% over one year

+6.3% in investment loans (including +7.2% for equipment)